The 2012 CrossFit Games Asia Regional

225# Deadlift
Handstand Push Ups
Time cap: 9 mins

I was pretty excited when I saw this would be the first WOD of the games, I knew it could get me some decent placing to start off.

I had a strategy of sprinting the 21’s, then maybe breaking up the 15’s and definitely break up the 9.

The 21s were fast and unbroken – great. The 15s, I broke them up after 10 HSPU. Then I got fucked with. I completed ten, then when I got back on the wall the Korean judge re-counted rep ten! “9, 10…. 10, 11…” It rattled me, but I said screw it and it wouldn’t help to argue, so I did 16. Then, he no-repped me on 16, which I still feel is bs.

Fine, fuck. I did the 9 DL, got to the wall and did 5. Got off, shook it out, did 2. Came off, did 1, failed on the last. Went back up and my shoulders failed again. THE LAST REP TOOK 30 SECONDS. Those 2 damn reps from the set of 15 came back to haunt my ass.

I ended up with a time of 4:01, over 45 seconds off of my PR and the 9th spot

2000m Row
50 One legged squats
30 Hang Cleans, 225#
Time cap: 17 minutes

Aaron and myself.

Rowing is boring and hard. After about 500m at a somewhat easy pace (didn’t want to blow my WOD now..) I looked down the line of rowers and everyone had stone cold warrior looks on their faces, especially the guy to my right, Aaron. So, I looked at him and yelled “Hey! This is fun!”

He looked back at me with the dumbest look and said “Wha?”

“This is fun bro!!” He stopped mid stroke, looked at me and his face lit up with a huge smile. “Yeah!! This is fun!”. We then talked and laughed for the next 5 minutes on the rower, and I hadn’t ever had that much fun during a WOD. If you ask Aaron (who came 10th place overall), that moment changed the games for him.

I finished the row, banged out my 50 pistols in sets of 10 and had a great time.

Things started to get a little dicey on my hang cleans. 225 from the hang isn’t light weight. I had about 6 minutes and ended up cleaning 23 reps. My goal was 25, but my right hammer was slightly starting to tense up. Either way, it was 8 more than per in training so I felt pretty happy and confident.

I ended day 1 in 5th place, with my two 9th place finishes.

4 rounds for time:
10 snatch, 100# dumbbell (5/arm)
Time cap: 10

The 100lb dumbbell snatch. To my left is two time Asia champion Daniel Hershey.

100lbs from the ground to overhead with one arm isn’t easy, and I had a strategy of just sticking to my pace and going with it. The problem was that other peoples paces were just a bit faster.

I didn’t miss a rep and played my game, ending with a time of 6:26. Even though it may have been one of my worst ranking wise, I might be most happy with how this WOD went for me.

For time:
50 Back squat, 135#
40 pull ups
30 shoulder to overhead, 135#
50 Front squat, 85#
40 pull ups
30 shoulder to overhead, 85#
50 Overhead Squats 65#
40 Pull ups
30 Shoulder to Overhead, 65#
Time cap: 22 minutes

Tough to explain the agony I’m in at this moment.

I messed up before this workout. I approached it differently than the rest. I knew it would suck, and it did. I defeated myself before it began.

The first round was actually fine. 30 Back squats, dropped the bar then got back on and finished the 20.

20 pull ups, 10 and 10.

Three sets of 10 push jerks. I was doing okay.

Then, something happened. I took off my plates and got on the front squats. My back said “enough of this shit” and tightened right up. My plan of 3 sets of 20-20-10 quickly changed to sets of 5. I was in pain.

This was the beginning of the worst CF experience of my life. I just wanted to stop. I couldn’t. People were yelling for me. I had lots of time left.

When I think back, I’m proud of myself for keeping on the bar, picking it up and not stopping. I wanted to quit. I felt like that bar had defeated me. I finished those awful front squats.

I spent the next couple minutes doing pull ups and resting to give my back relief. It never came. Into the pull ups, my hand ripped and I was a bit bloody. “What’s the time?” I asked my judge. Still 5 fucking minutes of this. I just wanted it to end.

I finished the pull ups, walked over to the bar and did 20 push jerks before time expired. My calf was tightening. I was bleeding. I hurt. That sucked.

I finished 19th and dropped 3 spots to 9th after 2 days. I take some pride in the fact that I never quit this thing, because I sure wanted to. If I would have kept my consistency with other wods (placing 7-12th) I’d be sitting around 5-7th overall.

With a 50 second clock, complete 20 double unders then 1 snatch, going  heavier each round.

My missed 205.

155: Power snatch, easy.
165: Same same.
175: Rock and roll.
185: I would now start to squat snatch and missed it. Didn’t let go and power snatched it.
195: My best lift. Felt like a great squat snatch.
205: See video below. So, so fucking frustrating. This is somewhat routine. My second attempt, I should have gotten to a better position and re-tried.

Missing this has given me nightmares. I sat back too much, possibly overconfident in my overhead squatting. The next year of my life will involve a disgusting amount of snatching.

I tied for 7th place in this one. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one to fuck up.

Quick note: the ground outside slightly slanted down. Probably my mistake of facing down instead of uphill.

3 rounds,
7 Deadlift, 345#
7 Muscle Ups
Then 3 rounds,
21 Wall Balls
21 Toes to Bar
100′ farmers carry, 100# dumbbells
28 burpee box jumps
100′ farmers carry
3 muscle ups
Time cap: 17 minutes

These toes to bars were a huge weakness for myself.

This wod has a lot of my strengths, so I was excited. Except for those pesky toes to bar.

The DL and muscle up combo was tough, but I got through fairly quick. I got 2 or 3 no reps on muscle ups because I didn’t straighten my arms totally at the bottom.

I broke up my wall balls and toes to bars in 7’s, but eventually my weakness was glaring on the toes to bar.

I finished with 11 toes to bar completed in the 3rd round. I wasn’t too happy with the result, but, it was over. The games were done.

I finished 9th on that workout and 9th overall.

I wanted in the top 10 and I got it. A few points could have had me in
6th place, and this is something I’ll be dealing with for the next year.


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